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SYB Pre-Season Practice Plan

Beginning 01/11/2022

When a coach has met their minimum Division / League roster requirements, they can begin to request fields at Andrew bailey park for practice time. Requesting these practice slots will follow the same process as a regular Spring or Fall season after games have begun.

At this point of the season proper field maintenance is necessary. Due the cold temperatures the infield grass must be protected. Coaches are asked to abide by the following:

  1. No fungo in the immediate area of home plate.
  2. Drag fields after each practice.
  3. Rake and pack pitchers’ mound after each practice.
  4. Collect and place all trash in can provided prior to leaving the fields.
  5. If lights are used, they must be turned off prior to leaving the park.

These practice slots are made available to teams with the required number of rostered players and are not to be used as a “tryout camp”. Any violation of this privilege will result in the forfeiture of any additional requested or scheduled practice time prior to draft day.

Minimum Requirements per Team:

4U- 5 rostered players

6U-12U Division American League = 5 rostered

6U-12U Division National League = 9 rostered players

14U Division-18U = 5 rostered players

A valid practice request will be submitted in writing (NOT TEXT or PHONE CALL) to the following address by 8a Friday each week in order to secure a practice slot for the following week.

Heads Up Youth Sports

On Line CDC Concussion training

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