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    REGISTRATION OPEN: FREE Chevy Youth Baseball Clinics at SunTrust Park!

    Register Today for a FREE Instructional Clinic!

    Boys and girls ages 5-14 in your community are invited to attend a FREE instructional clinic on Monday, June 3, Tuesday, June 4, Wednesday, June 5, Thursday, June 6, or Friday June 7, 2019 with Ripken Baseball courtesy of the Georgia Drives Chevy Dealers! Special needs participants of all ages are welcome to attend.


    The clinic is open to kids of all skill levels – Participation in a league is not required to attend. Qualified coaching staff will separate participants into age groups and rotate them through stations to learn and enhance essential baseball and softball skills.


    Spots are limited so we encourage you to register for this experience right away using the instructions below!


    When:             1. Monday, June 03

                             2. Tuesday, June 04

                              3. Wednesday, June 05

                              4. Thursday, June 06

                              5. Friday, June 07


    Where:             SunTrust Park

                              755 Battery Avenue Southeast

                            Atlanta, GA 30339


    Schedule:        Check-In: 9:00AM-10:00AM

                            Clinic: 10:00AM-1:00PM

                            Lunch: 1:00PM


    *Please note if you are unable to get your participant(s) there by the start time of the clinic, we accept late check-ins! Please do not let that hinder your child from participating in this experience!

    To Register:

    1. Go to
    2. Click on the gold “Clinic Registration” box
    3. Select the following name from the drop-down menu: ATLANTA, then click Go
    4. Enter the registration password “playball” for free entry into the clinic, and then click “Submit”
    5. Complete the registration form and download the waiver. In addition to registering before the event, participants are required to bring a signed waiver form to the registration table on the day of the clinic


    If you have questions, check out our site and FAQs here. You can also reach out to Stephanie Villegas at or 770-337-3081 with any additional questions. 

    End of Season Tournament - May 17-19

    The REC League End of Season Tournament for age group 7U - 12U will be played May 17 - 19.  Brackets are posted below.


    Coaches will be picking up pictures for their teams from the concession stand at Field 4 over the next few days and THEN distributing them to players/parents. Check with your coaches at the next game/practice to receive your players photos. Thank you.

    Ball Park reminders

    Parents, Players and Coaches,

                    We are having a great season so far.  As the season continues, we wanted to ask that you continue to remember the following items of concern so we can all enjoy the season. 


    First off, we want to give a shout-out to our concessionaire, Brenda Kay, for the great work she and her team of helpers have done the last few seasons and continues to do for our families this season.  They work hard all season long keeping the concession stands stocked, grilling burgers and hot dogs, and then working during the games so you, the parents, can watch your kids play ball instead of having to take turns working in the concession stand. 

    In order to ensure the success of our concession stand, the SYB Board is asking that you please do NOT bring outside food into the park.  We invite you to enjoy the food they sell at the park... see below for the menu!  The more we can support the concession stands, the better chance we have of keeping them each season.  Snacks after the game or drinks for the players are fine, but please no other outside food.  

    Please ensure your player is disposing of their gum properly.  No one should be discarding their gum onto the ground ANYWHERE.  Please remind them to throw it in a trash can.  If they are seen discarding it onto the ground they will be asked to pick it up and discard it properly.  

    Registration is CLOSED for Spring 2019


    Check back soon for Fall Ball 2019


    Interested in coaching for our Fall 2019 season?  Check Back soon for registration link.

    Be sure to Like and follow us on FaceBook so you will be the first to know when all the latest SYB Info!


    Other “housekeeping” items:

    1. No smoking, vaping or tobacco products allowed at the park – We are a county facility, and this is a county ordinance:
      1. Sec. 2-1. - Tobacco use in and on county-owned properties. Smoking, the use of tobacco products and the use of any smoking device that produces smoke, steam or vapor, is hereby prohibited on all public properties and in all public areas owned by Coweta County, including, but not limited to, county-owned government facilities, buildings, vehicles, playgrounds and athletic fields. This prohibition shall not restrict smoking in private vehicles parked on county property or public rights-of-way;
    2. Seeing that we are a County Facility, we must also all adhere to the Coweta County Park and Recreation codes that can be found by CLICKING HERE
    3. Please help keep the park clean and be sure that players pick up trash and bottles in the dugouts after every game.
    4. We also ask that everyone remembers the code of conduct that you all agreed to during the player registration and coaches application process: 

    Field Status

    Fields will be reviewed daily between 3:00 and 4:00 pm to ensure they are dry enough to play.  Fields will be closed any time there is a weather warning in effect in the county.  Fields will be closed when the wind chill temperature is below 40 degrees. If you have any questions about Field Status, please reach out to your Divisional Directors.

    Field Status will be "Open", "Pending" or "Closed"
    • "OPEN" - Fields and Cages are Open for Play or Practice. Coaches, please ensure fields and mounds are properly raked and dragged after use.
    • "PENDING" - SYB will review the Field Status by 4:00pm for play 
    • "CLOSED" - All areas "Closed".  No Practice or Play is allowed.

    In the event, Rain has occurred in the past 24 hours or the fields were "CLOSED" the previous day, the Field Status will show as "PENDING"until an SYB Board Member can check the Park.

    Add Page Element


    C. SYB INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY SYB INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY will apply to all SYB Practices, Scheduled Games or Tournaments

    The cold weather policy is fairly straight forward: If the “feels like temperature" is below 40 degrees during any game play or practice times we will not permit players on the fields. SYB will make every effort to make decisions related to this policy as far in advance as possible on game days & for practice times.

    Umpires, Coaches and League Officials shall monitor for the signs indicating that thunderstorm are developing. Since the average distance between successive lightning flashes is approximately two to three miles, ANYTIME that lightning can be seen or thunder is heard, the risk is already present. If lightning is imminent or a thunderstorm is approaching, all personnel, athletes and spectators shall evacuate to available safe structures or shelters.


    The most important thing a Coach, Player or Parent you can do if it is raining outside is be patient.  SYB will make every effort within reason to play all games as scheduled.  

    In the event it is raining outside, SYB will make every effort to evaluate the fields by 4:00 pm on the day of the event.  Please monitor the website for the latest information.  It will always be the first think we update in the events of a cancellation.

    SYB Uniform Shop

    Want to match your ball player this season or get some extra uniform pieces?  Select one of the links below to get SYB specific gear or visit  website and use flyer code sburg2019 for 20% off  other items and free shipping. 

    Here are the links to the specific league jerseys and pants:

    Majestic Youth/Adult Eagle 2But jerseys -

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    This shop is just one more way we are working to improve your SYB game experience.