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    SYB Elections: Fall 2022 / Spring 2023

    SYB Elections: Fall 2022 / Spring 2023


    In accordance with SYB By-laws, Article V Section 1, Term of Office, the election process will commence for the Fall 2022 / Spring 2023 Seasons.  


    Section 1 Term of Office:

    The Executive Officers positions will serve a two-year term. Executive Officers terms will be staggered with the President and Financial Officer positions being voted on for service beginning in the odd year season, and Operational Officer and Information Officer being voted on for service beginning in the even year season. NOTE: Determination of “Odd or Even Year” refers to the upcoming baseball season year which consists of the Fall season and then the Spring season, i.e., Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 are referred to as the 2023 Baseball Season.


    All other Board positions shall be elected for a period of one year, commencing July 1st. New Board members will receive an instructions manual (Notebook) from the presiding Board members to ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities. All new Board members will be officially installed July 1st, at which time previous Board members will vacate their positions


    Sections 3 Eligibility Requirements:

    Executive Officers: All executive officer positions must be held by a nominee who has held a director position for at least two (2) consecutive seasons, be in good standing with the league and be in an active role on the board prior to their election, unless selected as a nomination by the executive committee to fill an open vacancy.


    Nominations for open positions will be received beginning Sunday May 15th, 12:01:00a, and continue through Friday May 20th, 11:59:00p. Official nominations shall be submitted to Mike Boone via email at


    Notice of contested positions shall be announced Saturday 21st, 09:00:00 on the SYB website and FB page.


    Voting for contested positions will be Sunday 22nd, 01:00:00p – 03:00: 00p.


    All members in good standing with SYB League are eligible to vote, however no absentee ballots will be accepted. All voting must be done in person on the day of the election. The election shall be conducted by secret ballot (Exception: an unopposed nominee shall be declared elected). An election position will be set up at the ballpark with ballots and a ballot box. A roster with eligible voters will be at the voting table and all voters will sign off when they vote. Only parents listed on the official registration form, in good standing with SYB, will be eligible to vote and each parent will only be allowed one vote, regardless the number of children registered. Voters must present a valid form of ID prior to casting their vote. Results of the election will be posted on the League website and at both concessions stands at the Andrew Bailey ballpark within one week after the election.


    Nominations are being accepted for the following positions:


    Executive Board

    1. President
      1. Incumbent, Ken Lorow
    2. VP – Financials
      1. Incumbent, Vacant



    1. Director Materials, Distribution & League Logistics
      1. Incumbent, Marty Phillips
    2. Director - Marketing/Communications
      1. Incumbent, Trisha Gallaway
    3. Director of SYB Travel
      1. Incumbent, Brandon Weeks
    4. Director - Age Group Divisions
      1. Vacant
    5. Director of Facilities
      1. Incumbent, Matt Noel
    6. Director of Fundraising and Sponsorships
      1. Vacant


    Fall 2022 / Spring 2023 Election Officials

    Mike Boone - VP of Divisions, Tournaments, & Field Operations

    Brenda Kay – VP Special Events, Concessions, League Notary

    Steven Ellis – VP Registration, Marketing, Communications



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