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In a continuous effort to provide a safe environment for our children, the following rules will apply when using this cage with no exceptions.

  1. Adult (15 years or older) pitching only when using baseballs.  

  2. ​All batters must wear a batting helmet.

  3. Only one batter and one pitcher in the cage at a time, except while picking up baseballs.

  4. ​At no time shall any children or players climb on the batting cage poles or fence. Individual batting cages are designated for the age group as noted on the net. Priority is given to that age group over another age group who may be using or waiting to use the cage.

The following guide lines will be followed for cage usage.

  1. For scheduled games the Home team will have use of this cage 1 hour prior to game start time and will have exclusive use for 25 minutes at which time the Visiting team (if waiting to use) will have the use of the cage for the remainder of that time prior to their respective game.

  2. ​For use of this cage on non-scheduled game days please contact your age group coordinator for a scheduled 1 hour time.

  3. ​During the off season when the park is not closed these cages will operate on a first come, first serve basis with a 1 hour time limit.

Any questions regarding these rules or to report a violation of the batting cage rules, please contact the appropriate SYB Age Group Coordinator. 


In a continuous effort to support our children, coaches and parents the league has adopted the following uniform policy. All SYB teams are eligible to wear non league issued uniforms during their league games at Andrew Bailey Park in Sharpsburg if all of the following requirements are met:

  1. Both teams must agree in advance to the game being played with both teams wearing non league issued uniforms.

  2. Coordination with the age group coordinator must be done in advance of the game and a hand written acknowledgement or printed email from the coordinator must be available at game time.

  3. All players must be wearing matching tops, pants, and belts to participate in the league games, i.e. all players on the “league” team must wear non league issued uniforms or league issued uniforms. NOTE: If a player arrives wearing a league issued uniform and the rest of the team is wearing non league issued uniforms that player is allowed to play in the game. Multiple occurrences of this deviation will result in the team losing the privilege of wearing non league issued uniforms during league games. If a player arrives in a non league issued uniform and the rest of the team is wearing league uniforms that player must sit out the game until such time that he/she has on the matching league uniform.

  4. Uniforms must be baseball uniforms i.e. no blue jeans, shorts, sweat pants, etc. Vests or cutoff jerseys must be worn with an undershirt. Jerseys must have a number displayed either on the back or on the front of the jersey.

NOTE: Failure to get the age group coordinators authorization in advance or failure to comply with the above rules as written and any abuse of this privilege as determined by the Sharpsburg Baseball Board could result in individual or team penalties including but not limited to game suspension game forfeiture and/or non-league issued uniform revocation.


Any questions regarding these rules or to report a violation of the uniform rules please contact the appropriate SYB Coordinator or one of the SYB Executive Board members. Contact information can be found on the league website at